Awesome Advent Cones For Your Kids

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love the holidays for many reasons but one of the biggest are those little York Peppermint Patties in the shapes of Christmas Trees. The only thing that beats out tasting the sensation is being able to show off reader projects, especially when they’re as darling as this one!

We love to see handy parents in action. So many wonderful decorations and ideas come from repurposing items around the home. Forget big box retail glitz when all the heartwarming ambience you need is lurking in your craft closet. Here’s what Flickr member Shoot From The Hips had to say about this project:

“I made these one day for the boys advent calendar this year. They are simple cones made from last years Christmas scrapbook paper. I attached them to a length of yarn with paperclips. My mini clothes pegs that I intended to use have mysteriously disappeared! I had hopes of filling each cone with beautiful handmade ornaments, but chocolate will have to do for this year! I don’t think the boys mind though!

We love the idea, it’s simple and straight to the point, plus it doesn’t take up any extra space in your home. It could be used from year to year or recycled. Make sure to add your photos to Flickr and remember to tag them with “Ohdeedoh” so we can share what’s happening in your household! See the original photo here.

(Image: Flickr member Shoot From The Hips with permission)