Awkward: When Cards or Invites Require Extra Postage

Awkward: When Cards or Invites Require Extra Postage

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 2, 2010

Holiday cards can be a luxury for many: there's the price of the card, postage, envelopes — or even printing expenses if you're making your own. But what happens when you show up at the Post Office, only to find your postage costs are going to be higher than expected? Here's how to avoid a hiccup — or at least plan for the increase!

Having the coolest Holiday card is a goal for many. Although sometimes that means streamlined and clean design, it can also mean bells, whistles or an entire sleigh of reindeer. Even if you don't take that sentence literally (can you imagine the size envelope needed to house 8 reindeer?!) add ons, pop ups and additional family letters or photos can weigh your postal goods down.

Even if you're sending invites to a holiday party or get together and are including response cards, you should be prepared to pay up to $1.00 per card. Well that's just silly, here's a few ways to avoid the increase:

• Loose the Response Cards: Simply add a line to your invite that says to call in case of a decline. That will save you postage, trees…and eventually headache.

• Consider a Post Card: Printing your own post cards isn't as expensive as you think. Watch for deals around the holiday season and if you choose a 6"x4" size, postage is only $.28!

• Keep Letters Small: Instead of sending a 4 page letter filling everyone in on the past year, you might consider linking them to your blog, or keeping things brief. 2 pages with a card that has no frills or accessories is about the limit before an increase. Link to your Flickr or bring a scrapbook to your next family party instead!

• Calculate Shipping Online: Leave the surprises for another day and calculate your own shipping prices online. Most food scales will do the trick to measure up your goods once assembled. Check with the Post Office to see what the damage will be. Ask for lighter weight envelopes when you're out and about in the retail world to help things out a little.

For some people, extra postage is just part of the fun of the season. Don't be afraid to trim your card-giving list down to be able to send something a little heavier, eliminating a few people all together frees up extra funds for lined envelopes and wax seals!

What's the most you've ever spent on postage? Was it worth it or totally overrated? Let us know below!

Image: Flickr member evil nickname licensed for use by Creative Commons

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