Axing the Printer for a Completely Paperless Home Office

Axing the Printer for a Completely Paperless Home Office

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 22, 2011

While some may call it risky or even reckless, I've recently decided to go completely paperless during my recent home office reorganization mini-project. That means nothing goes into this office without eventually getting digitized, shredded, and then recycled - and nothing goes out. This also means I've decided to finally toss out my printer in exchange for some much welcomed working space.

For one, I rarely find myself using the printer these days. If that's not enough reason to trim down on some tech, inkjet printers have been known to dry up their ink cartridges over time (I can attest to this). Since I only work from home a few days of the week, I can simply run to the office whenever I do need to print something tentative out.

All in all, I felt I didn't need it around anymore and was simply tired of having to purchase new catridges every month when the only thing I would print out were plane tickets and shipping labels. Again, lifestyle dependent, but I've found it to be a good choice for me given the negatives and benefits.

Okay, okay, so when I said "work," I might've been stretching it a little. What has replaced the printer is a new set of digital turntables that I plan to use for weekend parties with friends and small gigs. Still, I couldn't have found an area for it had I not gotten rid of the printer.

And to be perfectly honest, I'm not regretting a second of it.

What you do think? Is it worth it to get rid of the printer to free up workspace and go completely paperless?

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