Actress Aya Cash’s Hollywood Hills Home Is Honestly Magical

updated Mar 21, 2019

Actress Aya Cash’s Hollywood Hills Home Is Honestly Magical

updated Mar 21, 2019
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Name: Aya Cash and Josh Alexander and Lucy Tammy Cash (the dog)
Location: Hollywood Hills — Los Angeles, California
Size: 1,000 square feet
Years Lived In: 4 years, owned

There was nothing easy about buying a house for actress Aya Cash—star of “You’re the Worst”—and her husband, Josh Alexander. “This was the sixth place we bid on in six months. I did not think we were going to get it. People were outbidding each other like crazy so I had sort of given up hope that we would ever find something. I didn’t even want to see this house. I was ambivalent about the area; I really wanted to live in Mount Washington and I had blinders on about it. My husband dragged me here kicking and screaming but, as soon as we walked in, we locked eyes and I knew we were going to go for it,” Aya shared.

Aya uses the word “magical” to describe the house, and she’s spot on. Though small-ish (about 1,000 square feet or so), the architecture is stunning, with a big wood mantel, high ceilings, a wood ceiling in the master bedroom, large windows with lots of panes, and honestly one of the most dreamy bathroom/bathtub/window configurations I’ve ever seen. “It’s such a magical house with such great bones, filled with light and gorgeous old windows that look out on nothing but green,” says Aya. “It’s small, but ingenuously built up the hillside, so it feels much larger than it is and the builders used the space so well. It feels like an artist built it.”

Aya and Josh’s interior design style lets the architectural characteristics of the house shine, but still stands on its own. Each room is an intoxicating mix of earthy, natural textures with punches of pattern and an enviable art collection.

And while this house may not have been the couple’s first choice, after seeing how well their decor style complements it, it’s lucky this is the home they ended up with. “We actually found out from a neighbor after we purchased it that a previous owner had made violins here in his attic workshop for decades. It was special and we felt so lucky to actually get it. Now I am so happy we lost all the other houses,” Aya reveals. “I ended up loving the neighborhood (and the neighbors!). The house is the perfect size for us—I don’t like giant houses (we lived in a one-bedroom in New York for 10 years). It’s also filled with surprising nooks and crannies. I feel like that’s what makes a house for me—I love a cranny…”

You’re the Worst” is currently airing its fifth and final season on FXX; the series finale is on April 3. Aya will be in the new show “Fosse/Verdon“—a miniseries starring Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams—which will premiere on April 9 on FX. She’ll also appear in an episode of Joe Swanberg’s Netflix series “Easy,” also in its last season.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Budget eclectic max-minimal?

Inspiration: L.A. itself. We live in N.Y. half the year but when we’re out here I want to feel like I am actually in L.A., which means a little more bohemian vibes than I’m normally into; I even have a few crystals…

Favorite Element: The windows. They let in so much beautiful light and they cantilever out. I love opening them in the evening and getting the mountain breeze.

Biggest Challenge I furnished this place in three weeks then moved back to New York while a friend lived here. It was a mad dash and I don’t ever recommend doing things that quickly. Fifty percent of the house is from a place called Shopclass, which is a now defunct antique store in Highland Park. The owner called himself “Crazy Jeff” and it was my favorite store in L.A. Also challenging is the lofted attic room above the guest bedroom. We still haven’t figured out what to do with it—it’s a crazy shape.

Proudest DIY: I feel like my DIY is secondhand shopping. I rarely buy new and avoid the big box stores when I can. I like to dig and find a good deal and a unique piece. But, technically, my only DIY is this Patti Smith plate I decoupaged.

Biggest Indulgence: Nothing is super expensive and most things (except the beds and couch) are secondhand. I commissioned the painting in the guest bedroom which is probably the biggest indulgence. The artist is Stacy Elaine and she has you send poems or things that mean something to you and creates something inspired by what you’ve sent. I love her work and love having art that feels so personal—so if I am going to spend money it is probably going to be on art.

Best Advice: Just buy what you like. You’re the one who has to live with it.


I would love to repaint soon and add a little color. We bought it like this and I love how airy and bright it is, but in my ideal world, I would get Portola Paints to lime-wash the whole thing just to give a little tone and texture. It’s the best paint store in L.A. and I’m totally inspired by their paints and treatments.

Sofa — Hamilton Leather Sofa; West Elm
1950s Painted Lady — Bought for $10 at Jewish Council Thrift
1960s Moroccan Camel Saddle Stools — Estate Sale
Travertine Coffee Table — Shopclass
Vintage Brass Lamps — Shopclass
African Stool — Rose Bowl Flea
Vintage Cowhide Chairs — Wertz Brothers
Vintage Velvet Green “Z” Chair — The now closed This is Not IKEA (TINI)
Small Drawing — Bought in Spain
Crystals — Melrose Trading Post
Antique Water basket — Rose Bowl Flea
Ceramics — Out of the Closet
Vintage Horse Candle Holders — Shopclass
Vintage Coasters — Shopclass
Console — CB2
Rug — One of the vintage rug places on La Brea
RBG candle — Gift
Patti Smith plate — Homemade
Pee Wee Herman Plate — Gift

Wassily Chair — Found on the street! A neighbor was throwing it out. I even called and made sure she was really getting rid of it. It has a small rip I have never repaired, still works fine.

Mia Tyler Photo — My husband wrote and produced a movie called “Southern Rites” (on HBO). The director, Gillian Laub, is an incredible photographer and partially paid his salary in art trade. I have always loved this image; Mia is so beautiful and I love Gillian’s eye.

“Family Portrait” Finger Puppets — My friend Galen is an incredible artist and makes these wild Knitty Titties. We bid on a family portrait commission to raise money for Jen Metzger last year. Jen won her seat in the New York Senate and we won these incredible finger puppets. She even made my favorite Babaa sweater for my puppet. She also gave me “modesty petals” instead of nipples, which is what I wear when I have to fake having sex on television. It’s all in the details…

Hawk Picture — A woman named her hawk after me and sent me her book and photo. Maybe the coolest thing that anyone has ever given me.

May The Bridges I Burn Light the Way Matches — From my friend’s museum, it was called The Museum of Broken Relationships and it was such a cool place.

French Crank Table — Industrielle Attitude in Eagle Rock
Chairs — Found on Krrb (now Apartment Therapy Bazaar)
Los Angeles Photos — Three photos by Marc Royce; Instagram — @marcroyce

Miele Washer — We rarely use it but it is really nice to have one that fits in such a tiny kitchen.
Fridge — Viking
Stove — Viking
Photo — “The Geriatric Dairy Queen 1969” found at Melrose Trading Post

Bed — Keetsa
Bed Frame — West Elm Modern Bed Linen Weave
Hands Pillowcases — Julia Canright
Vintage Chair — Shopclass
Vintage Rug — Shopclass
Frieda/Diego Print — The now closed This is Not IKEA (TINI)
Basquiat Print — Jewish Council Thrift

Bed — Keetsa
Bed Frame — Stella Bed in white from West Elm
Desk — Rose Bowl Flea
Vintage Lamp — Shopclass
Chair — Amsterdam Modern
Rug — Bought in Spain
Painting by Stacy Elaine
Painting by “Nate Age 7” — Bought at a long-gone store in Highland Park. His dad was an artist and he put his son’s piece in the shop where he was selling, and I loved it. I kept the tag attached—I feel like it’s a part of it.
Linens — Vintage from The Rose Bowl
The END Bookend — Stolen from the set of “You’re the Worst”

All the fixtures are Barber Wilsons.
The mirror is an antique that came with the house.
Bathmat — Cold Picnic bought at Otherwild

Thanks, Aya and Josh!

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