Baby Room Themes We'd Love To See, But Haven't Yet

Baby Room Themes We'd Love To See, But Haven't Yet

Alison Gerber
Jan 30, 2016

Beach, ballet, vintage, travel, safari, Star Wars—these are just a handful of the nursery themes we see now and then on Apartment Therapy. And while tried-and-true nursery themes often yield wonderful results, what about all of the other possible themes? Read on for eight nursery ideas we've yet to see.

How about...

1. A Wes Anderson-themed nursery? His films have the most lush designs—surely some would be easily adaptable to a kids' room. The Life Aquatic? Rushmore? Imagine a Moonrise Kingdom nursery! My head would explode—wouldn't yours?

2. A snack attack nursery? There's been home decor with pizza, popcorn, and ice-cream imagery everywhere in the last year. A lot of it is really fun and would be super kid room-friendly. Why hasn't anyone merged it all into a great sweet and salty nursery yet?

3. A Harry Potter nursery... in an actual closet? We've seen closet nursery tours before—why hasn't anyone ever gone whole hog(warts)? Come on Muggles, you're letting us down!

4. A Pokemon nursery? I remember lying in bed for hours playing Pokemon Red when it first came out. Now I'm a mom, and Pokemon is still around and still brilliant—a theme for the parents and the kids. Just don't be surprised when you have to start sharing your Game Boy Advance with your 3-year-old.

6. A sloth-themed nursery? Lions, tigers, bears, giraffes... we've been on this same safari many times. But what about the humble sloths? When do they get a nursery? I'm sure their stock will rise with the release of Disney's Zootopia later this year.

7. A tropical paradise? Set the white noise machine to rainforest and roll out the Martiniquais wallpaper—this could be the most relaxing nursery theme yet. And super glamorous, too.

8. A science lab nursery? Because why not? Surely someone out there dreams of their baby growing up to be a mad scientist, so give them the head start they need. And for the baby photo shoot? Imagine photos of said baby in a tiny lab coat: adorable.

Of course, as with any nursery theme, you really should go with something that says something about you—these are just a few wild and crazy ideas to get the creative process started. Perhaps think of something you think is extra-cool, something you can't wait to share with your child as they grow up, or something you hope to share together as a family?

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