Baby Yoda Eats His Way Through Disneyland in This Series of Drawings

published Dec 31, 2019
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As we begin the countdown to 2020, we can’t forget the gifts 2019 brought us, including Baby Yoda. Love him or think he’s cynically designed for maximum merchandising potential, he and his big-eyed baby face have brought a bit more cuteness, and many more memes, into the world. Right now, one artist is doing the impossible by making Baby Yoda even more adorable.

Freelance artist J. Shari Ewing has been sharing her illustrations of Baby Yoda on Instagram for a little over a month. In each of her drawings, he eats a different snack: a turkey leg, a churro, a pancake shaped like Mickey Mouse’s face—basically, everything you could eat on a trip to Disneyland. 

In the first drawing in the series, Baby Yoda enjoys a slice of pizza from the comfort of his hovercraft stroller.

The force awakens within him as he aims his churro like a lightsaber. Thanks for protecting us, Baby Yoda.

Who doesn’t get a bit overwhelmed by a cone of Dole Whip?

Can the force help you eat a turkey leg without getting your hands dirty?

A Mickey Mouse beignet! Such bliss.

Ewing took a break from the Disneyland food theme with this Baby Yoda mug shot. Makes sense—how many hearts has he stolen?

The last Baby Yoda on Ewing’s Instagram page appeared on December 20. In it, little Yoda sits against a pickle barrel, cheerfully eating a pickle with two hands. 

We don’t know whether the series has ended, but we hope not. There’s still a world of foods out there for Baby Yoda to try.