Babyproofing Your Home Office

Babyproofing Your Home Office

Kevin Whipps
Dec 16, 2011

One of the benefits to working at home is being able to spend some time with your family, which in my case includes a not-quite-two-year-old toddler who loves to touch things. Problem is, my current setup (a MacBook Air with a Thunderbolt Monitor) has this nice looking cable that my son loves to grab. The other day this almost caused my Air to launch onto the ground, and only some quick reflexes saved my computer from becoming DOA. It sounds simple, but a few quick fixes made the room substantially safer for both my son and my equipment.

1. Get the tools: I just needed a few things to keep things secure: a cordless drill, self-tapping screws, 1 1/2-inch desk grommets, 1 1/2-inch hole saw, blue painter's tape and zip ties with screw mounting holes.

2. Determine your placement: Although the distance between the grommet and the end of the desk seemed negligible, it was still a grabbing point for my son, so I wanted to minimize the length of the cord. After figuring out where I wanted the first hole to go, I covered up the area with blue painter's tape to minimize damaging the top of the desk. I did the same thing with the hole that I needed for behind the MacBook Air's standard position.

3. Drill your holes: Ater putting the hole saw in the drill, I placed the drill bit in the center of the saw and slowly started drilling the holes in the desk. Once the hole saw contacted the desk, I slowed the speed down further, and kept my hands tight on the drill to avoid it kicking and hitting something. Once the holes were drilled, I pulled off the blue painter's tape and cleaned up any sawdust.

4. Place the grommets and secure the wiring: After moving the equipment back to its original locations, I fed the wiring down through one grommet and out the other. Once everything was fitted the way I wanted it, I secured the wire to the metal frame of the desk using the zip ties and the self-tapping screws.

With the job complete, I decided to test it out with the kiddo. Although he still wanted to grab the cable, since there wasn't as much to grab he was out of luck. Plus, even if he had gotten ahold of it, it didn't have enough throw to toss the laptop off the desk. Mission complete!

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