Back-To-School Style: TV Dorm Room Decor

Back-To-School Style: TV Dorm Room Decor

Tess Wilson
Sep 1, 2015

My freshman dorm room featured cinderblock walls, bunk beds, a dry erase board on the door, a tiny fridge, no television, and linoleum floors. How do the college housing situations of some of my favorite television characters compare? Some are strikingly similar to my reality, and some are a different world...

What do we have here, Nick of New Girl (above)? Poncho, bunk beds, mismatched bedding, Napster sticker, and the ubiquitous bendy desk lamp? Seems about right.

How I Met Your Mother
(Image credit: 20th Century Fox Television)

Poncho, bunk beds, mismatched bedding, sign stolen from a bar, and posters for a Mid-Century Furniture Show, a Chicago Architectural Tour, and miscellaneous bands? Yup, totally accurate.

A Different World
(Image credit: Carsey-Werner Co.)

I was so into this show (Dwayne Wayne 4EVA, #nodisrespecttoDwayneWade) but have no memory of Whitley's room looking like this. A wood-paneled dorm room and enough space to store that much ribbon? Hmmm...

A Different World
(Image credit: Carsey-Werner Co.)

Ah, this is more like it! That built-in desk/bulletin board combo is so classic.

(Image credit: Apatow Productions)

John Belushi poster, Union Jack, boombox, beer-related poster, industrial flooring, and well-made but generic furniture? I think I went to a party in this room.

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Television)

I'm fairly sure this is Ross and Chandler's room, but I'm definitely sure that thing in the corner is terrifying. Is it a zombie butler? The stolen road sign and Madonna poster are spot-on.

Gilmore Girls
(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

Leaving (my) reality behind, behold Rory Gilmore's enormous suite, complete with fireplace and Roomba (and, to be fair, a dry erase board on the door)! The fact that the common room was lavishly decorated by one Mrs. Emily Gilmore makes me feel a little better about my teeny, humble dorm room. I might not have had an armoire, but at least nobody broke in to measure the place while I was in class.

Gilmore Girls
(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

Now that's more like it! Free from her grandmother's influence, Rory's room features a Planned Parenthood poster, Gloria Steinem as a Playboy Bunny, Charlotte Brontë (I think), a dry erase calendar, a CD tower, corded phone, and a slightly higher grade of bendy desk lamp than Nick's.

(Image credit: Touchstone Television)

I've never seen the show, but apparently in Felicity's world, dorm rooms come with hardwood floors, crown molding, and bay windows. And I remember hearing something about a haircut?

Gossip Girl
(Image credit: 17th St Productions)

Speaking of unrealistic! I stopped watching Gossip Girl before they all went off to college, but I'm glad the ridiculousness that I loved lived on. The only believable element in this room is the ribbon bulletin board thing- or does everyone at NYU have a chandelier, satin headboard, silk drapes, a maid, and wallpaper? And, apparently, Blair shared a dorm room with Georgina? What?!? I might have to start watching again...

What are your favorite television dorm rooms? Did you feel misled the first time you saw a real-life dorm?

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