Back to School Tech Guide: College Dorm Edition, Part 2

Back to School Tech Guide: College Dorm Edition, Part 2

Jason Yang
Aug 4, 2011

Now that we've had a little bit of time to settle into our dorms and classes, we hit the books for more essential tech for the dorm room. Today's class covers more tech to both keep you on point and distracted at the same time.

Whether you're a Mac or a PC, you'll undoubtedly need a computer for your dorm room. There's going to be long nights ahead of papers to write, websites to keep you from writing them, gaming, and pr0n tasteful pictures of pretty people. Just make sure your roommate knocks before entering. [edit: now with more PC love]

While some professors up to date on modern technology may have you e-mail them your paper or submit it via some method online, many are still having us kill papers and support the ink cartridge barons with printed papers. Save on space and costs by splitting a printer with your roommate and sharing the ink costs.

TVs/Movies With or Without a TV
Ultra slim flat panel TVs make it easier than ever to fit a big screen into your cramped dorm room. Or if you prefer to kill two birds with one stone you can watch TV/movies on your computer. Whether it's streaming Hulu or Netflix, there's plenty of available content out there for your consumption.

Video Game System
Just one more game and we'll get back to studying for our exam, we promise. But mom's not here to yank the controller out of our hands and force us to study. Uh, oh.

Keep your valuables out of reach of your nosy roommate and his/her unscrupulous friends.

Although they were technically not allowed in our dorm rooms, we kept one hidden away anyway. No rules could stand in the way of our nutritious and energizing Hot Pocket late night snack.

Fire Extinguisher
That fire at 3am last week that had us all rush outside in our underwear and pajamas in the freezing rain may or may not have been my fault. There's no proof to say I did it.

Makeup Homework
If you missed the first day of class, check out the first installment of our back to school tech guide.

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