Back to School Tech: What's Your Luxury Item?

Back to School Tech: What's Your Luxury Item?

Range Govindan
Sep 17, 2010

Students are back in school and hitting the books hard. While many students have to leave home to go to school, a few lucky, or unlucky ones, have to stay back home. That being said, what's your tech luxury item that you've decided to take with you to school?

1. Laptop
The most important tech purchase that most students will make is a laptop. MacBooks are great if you can afford them, but make sure that you spend a bit more so that you won't have to upgrade in a year or so when then next products are released.

2. iPad or iPhone
There's something about these Apple products that makes people just want them. You see them around all over the place, and that fact alone is enough to start out your tech envy. That being said, selecting an iPad or an iPhone as a luxury item is definitely an interesting idea, since you'll use them quite a bit.

3. Computer Monitor
Apple just released their 27-inch LED monitor for sale, and we have to say that it looks gorgeous. It's definitely brighter than the Viewsonic we've got at home, and you can use a computer monitor to plug in your laptop, watch shows, and play videogames. If you can't afford $999, then you can check out other large screens from different brands.

4. Video Game Console
Depending on which video game console you've gotten yourself, an Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3, you'll quickly find out that a lot of students, particularly males, enjoying playing video games for hours. It's a great bonding experience to have over a couple of friends and play a few games.

5. Camera
Whether it's a point-and-shoot or an entry-level DSLR, if you're moving to a new city, you'll have lots of sights to see that you'll want to share with your friends back home or online.

[top image via High Acuity, additional images by Peter Hellberg]

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