Party Planning: Two Movie Motivated Game Nights

Party Planning: Two Movie Motivated Game Nights

Misty Adair
Jun 8, 2010

With summer knocking on our door, it's time to head outside for party fun. Rather than limiting ourselves to the usual beer and burger event, we're thinking of ideas for party themes that combine two favorite group events -- outdoor movies and backyard games.

Theme parties are best when they're outlandish, frivolous, and a bit cheeky. If you like subtle, sophisticated parties, skip to the next tasteful post. If you don't mind being a little foolish, then read on (and give us your address for the guest list).

#1 Heathers' Croquet Banquet
What teen of the late 80's doesn't love the high school angst of "Heathers"? Bring it back by informing guests of your event with a raging "Dear Diary" style invitation. Encourage everyone to dress in Heather approved fashions like football jerseys ("I love my dead, gay son!"), colorful tights, jackets with shoulder pads, and of course, red scrunchies. The banquet menu should include appetizers of Corn Nuts and pâté, spaghetti with lots of oregano, and blue Drano cocktails (otherwise known as Blue Moon cocktails).

#2 Ping Pong Pancake Dinner
We know that some people consider table tennis a serious sport, but we still think of it as entertainment. Host your own low-competition ping pong tournament and let guests giggle along with "Balls of Fury". The perfect party attire would be high school gym uniforms and lots of deodorant. What's for dinner? Pancakes! Round out the meal with other ball shaped goodies like bacon pops and melon balls. As party favors, send your friends home with sweatbands or custom made tournament t-shirts.

Equipment is essential for both these party ideas, so you'll need to track down a croquet set, a ping pong table or maybe a badminton set. These games might be found at garage sales, on Craig's list, or at thrift stores. For a no-fail movie set-up, check out these outdoor movie night tips. If you don't own or can't borrow a projector, consider making one!

This is only the beginning, folks. You're invited to add more details to the party plans and to share your ideas for other movie/game combo parties. What can we add to the list? "The Big Lebowski" and lawn bowling?

Images: IMDB, Enjoy Your Style, My Recipes

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