Bad Karma: OUCH! Voodoo Toothpick Holder

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
I once hosted a cocktail party that was, in my apartment’s eyes, disastrous. It was one cliché after another: red wine all over my new white rug, a knocked over planter, a few broken glasses and dishes (I was trying to be grown up and use real plates instead of paper), and an overturned olive boat (that I’ve used just that once). Needless to say, I was a bit bitter towards my guests and my own hosting ignorance (never combine alcohol with people who roll fifteen deep and you don’t know any of them), and so the next time I feel the need to throw down a fruit platter with some cheese, I’m going to get my hosting revenge squared with this: the

It holds thirty-five toothpicks in a substantial doll figurine, and it comes in charcoal gray or oyster white. Even if you’re Martha Stewart and have that hosting gig down pat, it’s still good for a laugh (and finger foods).

Available at Perpetual Kid.