Bagster Allows For Easier and Impromptu Renovations

Have you ever put off a home renovation project because you knew you’d have to order a dumpster? They’re expensive, have to be trucked out and back to your home and if they’re delivered on time, have to be parked in the street with easy access. Waste Management is changing that with a new product found at your local Home Depot.

The “Bagster” (really, that was the best name they could come up with?) is a disposable product that can be purchased from Home Depot and then filled to the brim with whatever you can stuff inside. It can hold up to 3,300 pounds and can take anything from rocks to drywall to debris from a renovation.

The bag won’t tear (even if punctured) unless it’s pulled across the ground, so once unfolded the bag remains in your driveway or out of the way area until Waste Management comes to collect it. Although their website doesn’t have any information as to what the bag itself is made out of here, we still love the product because it only requires a truck to remove it and not to deliver it. There’s no waste of your time — if you have a wild hair-brained idea to gut your kitchen, there’s no waiting 1-2 weeks for a dumpster to maybe show up on time. Plus, it fits into smaller spaces and can be placed where dumpsters can’t be since it’s extracted with a crane.

We love the idea, but what do you think? Watch videos, see if the bags and service are available in your area and read a few more details on the process over at Waste Management.