Bah Humbug! Overcoming Your Inner Scrooge

Bah Humbug! Overcoming Your Inner Scrooge

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 6, 2011

120611-scrooge.jpg For years I've always turned into a little Christmas elf around the holidays. Full of joy, giving, wrapping, making, it's one of my favorite times of year, but the last several years, the holidays can feel more like a burden than a joy. Here are a few ways I'm trying to psych myself into enjoying them.

There are many folks out there who aren't as infatuated with the holidays as others. They might not be a grinch, but holiday times can equal a great deal of stress, travel and work. They can mean long hours at the office or bills piling up and there's always taxes due this time of year, the whole thing can just be a big fat mess.

To keep myself lively I've decided on 3 things. Are you ready? Here goes:

Focus on the Moment: There will always be stresses in life, taxes to pay and often gifts to buy. Don't let all that invade the moment you're currently sharing with family or friends, possibly even on your own. Enjoy that warm cup of hot chocolate for what it is. Enjoy the sparkly lights and the smiles on children's faces, just don't let the rest of the world weigh you down.

Have a "Me" List: Many have small nostalgic things about the holidays. It could be food related and you love the little holiday cookies in the tin that comes out, or possibly a homemade treat like Grandma used to make. For others it might be snowman building or sleigh riding, but whatever the case, make your list and get to it. That way when times have you down you can pick something from the list to take care of instead.

Count Your Blessings: There's no mystery here, the time you take to stop and count your blessings (one by one), will come back on you 10 fold. You might be down in the dumps and irritated, but the moment you realize how thankful you are for things that you have, your world will suddenly be brighter. It's a great way to remember the reason for the season, no matter what that is in your home.

Hopefully with these tips you can learn to overcome your own inner scrooge and be less of a grinch. You don't have to love the holidays and they'll always come with a certain amount of baggage. The trick is to make time and focus on what's most important.

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