Baked Apple Donuts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s not much that would prompt us to turn on the stove in this heat, but we’ll make a notable exception for these baked apple donuts. Donuts have always been a favorite, but we’ve found the notion of frying them to be intimidating. Rebecca of Cooking with my Kid discovered that you can bake them – with delicious results. This information may just revolutionize our weekends.

Rebecca writes, “I’ve noticed donut pans in a few different stores so last week I decided to give in and buy one. I wanted to make a baked donut that was tasty but not filled with tons of sugar and fat. I combined a few different recipe ideas to make my own and the results were excellent. Donut pans are only $10!”

Needless to say, Rebecca’s son thought these were delicious and it looks like he enjoyed helping in the prep work, too. For the full directions and more mouth-watering photos, visit Cooking with My Kid.

(Image: Cooking with my Kid)