Balance Bikes from Glide Bikes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Balance bikes are certainly nothing new, and we’ve featured our share of them, like the Early Rider and the toddler-friendly BIT Balance Bike. But Glide Bikes have added a new element to the balance bike market: cool-looking products that look just like the big kids’ cycles.

Most of the quality balance bikes we’ve seen out there look substantially different from a conventional bicycle; many are made of wood and have nothing in the pedal area. The Glide Bike looks just like a regular cycle—blink and you might miss the fact that it’s different. Instead of eliminating the pedal extension completely, the company replaces it with a foot peg, making it easier to practice balancing (no need to awkwardly hold your feet out to the side). Combine the metal construction with a foot peg and a braking system, and this balance bike looks like a big bike and can teach your child everything he or she needs to know about cycling without the pedaling.

Glide Bikes also have an extremely low balancing speed, making them some of the safest products on the market. They come in several sizes so that kids as young as 2 and even adults who’ve never learned can use them.

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