Balance is Overrated: Why I Love My Lopsided Life

Balance is Overrated: Why I Love My Lopsided Life

Jennifer Hunter
Jan 23, 2015

This time of year especially, people love to throw around the word balance. After all, January is the perfect month to address all of our issues and this idea certainly seems to be attractive to a lot of people. But "balance" has always bugged me. I've never understood striving for this particular concept, nor do I think it's an especially positive goal to set. Let's talk about it.

Striving for balance implies that you're trying to maintain the status quo. Think of a balanced see-saw. It's a straight line, parallel to the ground. Its ultimate goal is to remain steady and not wobble. Is that really what you want your day-to-day life to look like? An unchanging line?

Not me. I'll always be more satisfied by a great meal if I start out hungry. I know that tolerating, or even embracing, life's annoyances and bad days means I'll be especially appreciative when everything goes my way. Our lives have so much potential for emotion, drama, tension, harmony and yes, sometimes dissonance. Why stifle all that in order to achieve stasis?

Whether it's your life or your living room, there's always room for the unexpected, the off-kilter and the things that look or feel a little bit wrong. All risk feels wrong at first. But pushing past what's comfortable is the only way to experience growth. Flexing that muscle encourages flexibility and creativity. And we could all use a little more of that.

So, am I off my rocker? Can you make a case for balance?

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