Get that “New School Supplies” Feeling for Just $20 with’s Colorful New Planners

published May 26, 2019
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I don’t know about you, but I was obsessed with my school planner growing up. I made sure that all of my homework was neatly logged before heading home each day, and being able to cross off a completed item later that evening was oh-so-satisfying. And, most importantly, who can forget the stickers? Being able to flag key events (like a sleepover at a friend’s, or a class field trip) with an appropriately themed decal was the best part of using an agenda book, right?

But now, in the age of Google calendars, iPhone reminders, and Slack channels, we sometimes forget just how useful it is to actually carry a paper planner. With’s new collection of planners, you’ll be able replicate the satisfaction that comes with carefully checking off a to-do list (and yes, even adding a sticker or two) as an adult.


The classic academic planner runs from August 2019 to December 2020, so it’ll last you quite a while.

At the front of each planner, you’ll find several pages of stickers, a list of holidays (both traditional and out of the box), a personality color quiz (each month has a different color theme, after all), and more. As you flip through the planner week by week, you’ll find new inspirational images from featured artists, motivational quotes, and plenty of room to record daily must-dos. The back of the planner features tons of blank lined pages, should you ever need to take notes or wish to journal while on the go.


This agenda is ideal for students and professionals alike, as there is plenty of room for detailed notes within the daily grids, while the month-at-a-glance calendar pages allow for longer term planning.


Looking to become a better version of yourself this year? You’re in luck, because also offers a wellness planner that is perfect for those looking to amp up their self care game.

Featuring wellness-related quotes (which you can tear out and stash in your wallet or pin to your cubicle bulletin board) along with facts galore, this product is really half journal and half guidebook. On one page you’ll find blurbs explaining the importance of specific kinds of superfoods or crystals, while on another, you’ll encounter prompts encouraging you to log your mood and feelings. These pages aren’t correlated to any specific dates, so you can stop and start recording your thoughts as you please. (Oh, and fear not—this planner also has its own set of stickers.)


As someone who’s always meaning to sit down and journal a bit more, I like that this book provides plenty of pages to do so without suggesting that one absolutely has to log a new reflection each day—because honestly, most of us just don’t have the time.

The overall tone of the advice in this planner leans a bit younger, so the anecdotes about friendship, embracing growth, will more likely resonate with college students and young professionals. That said, who couldn’t benefit from an extra dose of positive messaging and energetic spirit every now and then?