Banish Boring Rooms: 11 Fun Decor Detail Ideas to Steal

Banish Boring Rooms: 11 Fun Decor Detail Ideas to Steal

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 5, 2014
(Image credit: Design Love Fest)

We truly believe a happy, healthy, beautiful home is a source of confidence and joy in people's lives. But just because one should take creating a beautiful home seriously, doesn't mean you shouldn't also have a lot of fun! If you're feeling like any rooms in your home are getting a bit too serious (or are still a little too boring), you might find inspiration in the ideas in these fun rooms from around the web — divided into extreme and accessible options.

Accessible: (Pictured above) Neon platters, pops of color in art and books and some cheerfully painted stools all brighten up this kitchen found on Design Love Fest.
To add fun into your space: Consider bringing non-kitchen-y items to display in your kitchen, the more colorful the better!

(Image credit: Design Love Fest)

Accessible: A super serious all-white kitchen is gorgeous, but a cheery color-blocked low-pile rug brings the fun. Business above the counter top, party below! Also spotted on Design Love Fest.
To add fun into your space: Simply find a low-pile, easy-to-clean, colorful rug to place in your kitchen.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Accessible: Another kitchen with a seriously minimal all-white color palette is saved from boring with a super compact dining area with a colored tiny table, a fun hanging light and some bold wallpaper. Seen on My Scandinavian Home.
To add fun into your space: Consider painting a small table or chairs to create a tiny kitchen seating corner. Wallpaper's great, but wall paint or an oversized DIY art project could add fun to a corner of your kitchen, too.

(Image credit: Kitka)

Extreme: Looking for a fun but natural idea? Spend some time collecting natural items on hikes, contain it all in a modern frame, and make it oversize for fun. Spotted on Kitka.
To add fun into your space: You don't have to spend years collecting items from nature to place in a giant modern frame, just go for something unusual to display on a bookshelf or transform into art on a wall. Spray-painted branches, oversize plants — anything unusual from nature can be whimsical and fun.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home )

Accessible: You don't have to go big to add some fun into a room — evidenced perfectly by this kitchen also spotted on My Scandinavian Home — just add some colored knobs to plain white kitchen cabinets.
To add fun into your space: Buy some cute new knobs to place on your doors and drawers or paint existing ones. Don't just stop at kitchen cabinets though —consider bathroom cabinets, dressers, credenzas and more when it comes to this simple and fun fix.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)

Extreme: This is really going out there, but creating a specific paint job around a wild furniture piece is a definite way to infuse some fun in your home. Also seen on My Scandinavian Home.
To add fun into your space: Use textiles like blankets, throw pillows and rugs to create a similar look in a corner of your home in coordinating but different patterns and colors.

(Image credit: My Scandinavian Home)
(Image credit: sfgirlbybay)

Accessible: Why not add a playful pattern on your bed for your bedroom, like polka dots, as seen on My Scandinavian Home and sfgirlbybay?
To add fun into your space: Polka dots are definitely fun, but it's not the only perky pattern that can amuse. Thick stripes, triangles, crosses — any pattern you find to be fun is worth using!

(Image credit: plastolux)

Extreme: If your dining room is really boring and you need an intense option, you might find inspiration in this jungle-themed but modern dining room spotted on Plastolux.
To add fun into your space: If you'd rather skip the zebra print and jungle wallpaper, you can still have fun with a jungle feel. Just go for more plants.

(Image credit: sfgirlbybay)

Accessible: Nothing says fun like a brightly painted room that doesn't usually have a lot of fun going for it, like a hallway. Infusing unusual spaces with color usually makes the rooms around them seem like fun, too. As seen on sfgirlbybay.
To add fun into your space: This one's simple — just pick a color you love that's a bit bolder than you might normally choose.

(Image credit: sfgirlbybay)

Accessible: A brightly colored quilt adds softness, color and amusement to any living space. Seen on sfgirlbybay.
To add fun into your space: If you don't have any pricey modern quilts or family heirlooms, just comb through your favorite thrift stores until you find some colorful, patterned textiles you could use to hang on a wall. Paired with brightly colored furniture is quite lovely.

(Image credit: sfgirlbybay)

Accessible: Get yourself a big ol' fiddle leaf fig tree, string up some white lights real casual-like and bring some throw pillows into your dining room! Spotted on sfgirlbybay.
To add fun into your space: No matter your dining furniture situation, you can always add some white light strings into your space to give it a fun outdoor feel. And colorful, patterned pillows are an unusual but amusing addition if your chairs can sport them.

What design and decor details have you added into your home's rooms to make them more fun?

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