Barking Up the Right Tree: 3 Wooden Stool Ideas

Finding a perfect tree stump to rest on in nature is a treat, but would you pay $200 – $3,000 for that same luxury in your home? Tree stumps that double as stools and tables can be a great organic addition to your living space. But after searching the web I found one appalling fact: to get a stump for sitting was going to be expensive. The solution? Three high end tree stools that may be in your DIY skills and your budget.

These stools were originally found on Bleu Nature, a French furniture and design company. Then our smart friends over at Curbly got to thinking… can’t we make these ourselves? Inspired by the high end designs, they choose these three pieces as having serious DIY potential. The stumps can be personalized to your style from clean and modern to rustic and rugged with a few well-placed chainsaw cuts.

Lacquered Top Stool: This stool was originally designed as an end table, but it can double as both a table and stool. By adding reclaimed plexiglass or a sturdy metal top, you can reinforce the stump’s seating area. This is also a great spot to add color or designs to match your room’s style.

White In the Middle Stool: This stool has metal in the middle that could easily be dressed up with drawn in tree rings, nature scenes, or old book pages beneath the top layer. These stools let you keep the natural touch of the stool to the top layer, while making sure the middle is strong enough to hold your guests.

Snowhite Stool: The original stool is made from debarked wood and then painted white with hints of character. These may take a little more precision to get the clean lines down pat, but they turn out sleek and modern.

For those living in open areas, tree stumps may be plentiful, but for those in the concrete jungle, it may require some creativity to get some local wood to do the job. With urban renewal projects on the rise, taking out invasive species and removing trees from power line corridors can be great sources for finding just the right stump.

Would you give one of these DIY Stumps a try?

(Via Curbly. Images via Bleu Nature)