This Cool Australian Home Brand is Now Available Stateside—And Approved by One of Our Favorite Designers

published Aug 9, 2018
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(Image credit: Barnaby Lane)

I’ll admit it—ever since I saw Sarah Sherman Samuel’s A-frame makeover, first on her own blog Stories and later in Sunset magazine, I’ve been fan-girling pretty hard over her. Which, in case you’re wondering, includes interviewing her for Apartment Therapy whenever I can and watching her every move on Instagram stories, particularly once she started showing sneak peeks of her Mandy Moore project, which, I think, we all can agree was pretty dope. So anytime SSS pops up on my feed, I’m game to see what she’s getting into. And with her recent move and new family reno on the horizon, you better believe her stories have been a treasure trove of shopping sources.

But in between the somewhat expected shoutouts for Anthropologie decorative accessories and striped Loeffler Randall slides, a big box from a brand I didn’t recognize, Barnaby Lane, popped up in a video of her basement. Immediately, I got to googling. Turns out, Barnaby Lane is a super stylish Aussie home decor brand—from Melbourne, to be exact—that just started shipping part of their collection to America. Score! And SSS, being on her game, already ordered a pair (or maybe even more?) of their Smith Armchairs for the #SamuelFamilyFixer and did a little write-up on the Barnaby Lane U.S. launch on her own blog.

The leather and wood furniture pieces are the real stunners of the collection, IMO, but Barnaby Lane does stock textiles and lighting fixtures, too. The brand isn’t exactly budget but is definitely worth a look if you want something special that’s SSS-approved and everyone won’t have… I mean, yet. Give it time. Australian brands are kind of killing it right now, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. There must be something in the water down there.

Barnaby Lane also recently collaborated with one of AT’s go-to art experts, Katharine Earnhardt, of the boutique art consultancy firm Mason Lane on a curated art collection. Check that out here. Design worlds are colliding, folks, and I’m okay with that. Looking forward to seeing more from this company and, of course, the #SamuelFamilyFixer. I’ll be design-stalking her so you don’t have to!