12 Uses for Baskets around the House

published May 15, 2008
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We love baskets. Their woven texture and light airy look says summer to us. And with their many colours, weaves and sizes, they’re versatile. Here are some ways we use them around the house.

[Image via Zara Home]

  • To catch paper waste in the bathroom or office.
  • A natural for towels, wet or dry, in the bathroom or use them for beach towels outside.
  • Baskets are often used to hold dirty laundry because their lattice texture keeps it from smelling rank. We suggest lining them if you do so that they don’t snag your knit garments
  • Ikea sells baskets that fit into its Expedit Bookcase and which work as drawers.
  • Fit a plant pot inside a basket for a dressier look.
  • A basket can hold newspapers and magazines by a sofa, reading nook; another one can hold them for recycling.
  • A large basket with a lid can substitute for a coffee table or an ottoman.
  • Have a piece of glass cut to fit a shallow basket and use it as a tray.
  • A row of baskets organizes mail or cosmetics, office supplies or games.
  • Slip a basket under a console to hold throws or extra pillows.
  • A basket by the front door can corral your guest’s shoes
  • In the winter, a basket holds logs for the fireplace