The Single Life: Finding the Motivation To Clean

The Single Life: Finding the Motivation To Clean

Grace Shu
Dec 17, 2009

A friend of mine recently invited me to crash at his place since it was conveniently around the corner (the other option was driving an hour back from a party to the hotel at 1 am). Since he's a 25-year-old bachelor living in a live/work loft, I was a bit wary--after all, we've all been there before: cleanliness isn't exactly at the top of the list for the majority of twentysomething singles.

Before we even got into the door, he apologized profusely: "I'm sorry, I was working all day and I didn't have time to clean my place!" Uh-oh. True to form, his place was a bit of a mess, but at least he changed the sheets on the bed. The bathroom was a different story: It wasn't so disgusting that you wouldn't walk in, but let's just say I skipped the shower (he only had one sketchy-looking bath towel after all).

Speaking of bath towels, I sat him down with two other friends during lunch the following day and asked him how often he changed his bedding and towels. "OK, honestly? Yesterday was the first time I've changed them in about...6 months. And that was because I knew I was going to have people crashing at my place. But I don't let the towel get too nasty."

"How nasty is too nasty?"

Pause. "Like a few weeks?"

Now, don't get me wrong: I'm not trying to put my buddy in the hot seat here (even though I pretty much did, and he's a good enough sport to agree to me writing about this), but here's the thing: My friend reasons that he will change his slovenly ways when he finds a girlfriend who will help him see the light. But I'm sort of thinking the opposite, Field of Dreams method: Make your home warm, inviting, and clean and the girlfriend will come (in time). Since Apartment Therapy is all about helping people make their homes not only beautiful and organized, but also healthy as well; what tips do you have for single people struggling to find the motivation and time to clean?

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