This Candle Will Tell All Your Bathroom Guests How You Really Feel

updated Jun 25, 2020
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Everybody poops, but that doesn’t mean we want any evidence of that fact left behind in the bathroom, if we can help it. There are plenty of ways to cover your tracks, in various degrees of elegance and subtlety—from fancy candles to products that proudly and explicitly mention poo. For those who really want to lean into bathroom humor, there’s not much better than the “I’m Sick of Your Sh*t” candle.

Made by a company called The Candle Daddy, this odor eliminator comes in a mason jar with cursive on it, but it’s still not afraid to call you and your bathroom guests out on your crap. Between its name and its brown label, it’s here to remind everyone to leave the bathroom smelling better than they found it.

“We have some stinky situations in my household and this does the trick! Also I like the mug part because I know it is stable and I don’t have to worry about the candle falling over,” wrote one reviewer.

“When I light this candle, it’s almost like I don’t live with two teenagers and a man that loved onions and garlic with every meal,” wrote another. “Not to mention the dog and pet rodent. The smell is subtle, not like perfume-y, so it doesn’t interfere with the smells of cooking but it masks the lingering after smell. I have a candle addiction, multiple candles in every room, and it’s my favorite one at the moment. I highly recommend this to anyone who has kids, dogs, or stinky significant others. It’s funny and it works!”

If you like this candle, you’ll probably be into more of The Candle Daddy’s offerings, which include “Smell My Nuts,” a kind of precursor to the internet-breaking candle Goop recently released, “This Smells Like My Vagina.” There’s a candle for everyone.