Knock Out Your Chores & Your Workout With This 2-for-1 Task

published Jan 26, 2018
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(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

This is it! The final weekend (and final weekend assignment) of the January Cure. It’s quite a doozy, but if this month has taught me anything, it’s that we can all make magic happen when we set our sights on a goal and work together to keep morale up.

Yep, we’re cleaning the bathroom. Cancel your plans, skip the gym, and set aside some time this weekend to get your washroom clean and shiny. I say skip the gym because this mission is a workout in itself — just think about how you work up and down to scrub the shower tile and contort yourself into unnamed yoga positions just to reach behind the toilet. But it’s all so satisfying in the end when you have a spotless bathroom to pamper yourself in.

Let’s get started…

(Image credit: Sophie Timothy)

This Weekend’s Assignment:

First, treat yourself to flowers or a plant or something to give your space some extra life.

Then, deep clean the bathroom.

You might already have a process down that works for you, but if it helps to have a checklist to follow along with, here’s a solid gameplan:

  • Grab the towels that are out on hooks or bars, along with the shower curtain (if you have one) and throw them in the washing machine.
  • Clear the counter, put everything in a box and move it out of the bathroom temporarily.
  • Apply your cleaner in the toilet and let it sit while you…
  • ….clean the sink, scrub the tub and give the drains a good flush with vinegar followed by hot water.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • Then, do a good overall clean of the counter, tiled walls and floor with spray cleaner.
  • Finally, shine up the mirror and replace the towels and your countertop staples.

Come back over the weekend and let me know how your big, bad bathroom clean went. We’re almost through January — just 3 more days of the Cure to go!

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