Oh No She Didn't! Sweet Valley High..art?

Oh No She Didn't! Sweet Valley High..art?

Grace Shu
Sep 10, 2007

Hooo boy. So here it goes: a few weekends ago, I went to my parents' house to pick up a slew of boxes that they had schlepped from Virginia to LA during their move that were marked as "Girls Room-Books." (My sister and I shared a room for some time). When I finally got motivated to open it, I was expecting to see our collection of Encyclopedia Browns or even perhaps a cheeky handful of Nancy Drews. But no, what I found was...our hidden stash of Sweet Valley High Books. (Don't judge until you've read one. As long as it isn't the one where Elizabeth and Jessica fight a werewolf in London.)

Anyway. As a joke, I gave our collection to an unsuspecting bride-to-be at her bridal shower (I also gave her a set of margarita glasses, I didn't want to look like a completely tasteless idiot). And instead of tossing them in the trash, she tore off the covers, stuck them in frames, and hung them in the vanity area of her bathroom. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them, all neatly framed (and matted!), and on a slightly peach-tinted wall. I almost...dare I say it...think they look TOTALLY EFFING AWESOME! Or maybe, I just like things in a grid.

PS The first person who admits that this is also awesome will get a copy of Kidnapped By The Cult! Or maybe The Wakefields of Sweet Valley. So don't forget to include your email.

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