12 Bathroom Essentials

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Whether it’s your bathroom in your first “grown-up” apartment or you’ve recently moved and just want to start off on the right foot, there’s a certain number of items that are just bathroom essentials. We’ve rounded up our version of what we think is needed in your bathroom at home, and we of course chose items that are good-looking!

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Some might argue that not all of these items are actually completely essential for using the bathroom in your home, and they’d be right. You can live without some of these things, but really, why would you want to? The bathroom is an often neglected (or at the very least, last minute design) area of the home, but can be something that makes a huge impact on guests. Besides, you deserve a good-looking place to relax while getting ready for work or soaking in a bath after a long day. Why not surround yourself with things you need (okay, maybe half things you need, half things you want)?

1) Good lighting We’re actually partial to the look of a chandelier in the bathroom.
2) Good mirror Just because your bathroom comes with a mirror already, doesn’t mean you have to stick to that one. In fact, there are a range of options that will help add instant customization.
3) A matching set of towels Don’t just pick boring ones; we rounded up a bunch of patterned ones earlier this year.
4) Durable bath mat Remember, it’s got to look good and withstand dirty and clean feet walking on it.
5) Non-standard shower curtain Don’t just stick to one of those boring shower curtains you can get for cheap, amp up the look of your bathroom with fun graphic prints.
6) Good cleaning supplies Here’s an opportunity to stock fresh cabinets with all green cleaning supplies.
7) Good storage solutions A small space might necessitate a little creative thinking when it comes to storage space; implement neat ideas.
8) Good window treatment A bathroom window treatment has to look good and protect your privacy! We’ve got 8 solutions.
9) Toothbrush holder The sort of item you don’t realize you need until your toothbrush accidentally falls into the toilet or on the floor. Check out these 12 quirky ideas.
10) Trash can Don’t just go with a plain and boring trash can, pick one with a fun pop of color like these.
11) Good smelling hand soap It’s not all about impressing guests, of course, that’s a great side effect of having nice hand soap.
12) Hand towel for guests Though traditional, we’ve always been partial to monogramed hand towels.

Have we left anything off your own list of bathroom essentials? Are there any of these items you happily live without? Let us know!

(Photo: Eli & Jessica’s Comforting Cambridge Condo)