Bathroom Hacks for Surprise Guests

published Nov 12, 2016
Keeping House: Bathroom Hacks

We’ve all been there: A friend pops by unexpectedly and, instead of excitement, we’re filled with paranoia — about the bathroom. How much toothpaste gunk is in the sink? Did I leave a photo shoot’s worth of grooming products out this morning? How grungy is my grout?

Relax. We teamed up with KABOOM™, a tough name in bathroom cleaners, to bring you four effortless hacks to keep your bathroom perpetually neat, so when you get the “We’ll be there in 10!” text, you’re a quick spray and wipe away from a guest-ready bathroom.

1. Keep it tidy with a lazy Susan.
If you’ve ever confused your bathroom sink with a drugstore aisle (guilty), you know that all those face masks and hair products can get unruly fast. Corral toiletries and sundries with everybody’s favorite spinning storage solution. Need even more ideas? Here are some we love.

2. Keep it handy with a cute container.
Few things feel more like an adulthood fail than running out of toilet paper. Keep extra where you need it in a caddy or other stylish holder, and you — or your guests — will never be caught empty-handed.

3. Keep it all together with a magnetic strip.
It’s often the little things — nail clippers, hair accessories — that clutter the bathroom most. (Ask me about my Multiplying Bobby Pin Theory…) A magnetic strip, one of our all-time favorite storage hacks, will lock ’em down nicely.

4. Keep it green with potted plants.
A couple touches of greenery won’t just help the bathroom look nicer; they’ll actually help clean it too by keeping the air fresher. And whatever your salle de bain set-up, there’s a plant that will thrive in it.

5. Keep it clean with KABOOM.
The finishing touch? Clean surfaces. But you don’t have to scramble for those, either: With KABOOM™ Shower, Tub & Tile Cleaner and Foam-Tastic™ (Fresh Scent), you just have to spray and wipe away. Triangle the toilet paper (#fancy), and you’re ready to entertain.

(Image credit: Christopher Broe)

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