Bathroom Televisions That Hide Inside Mirrors

Although the idea of relaxing in a warm bubble bath while watching Die hard 3 is at the top of most people’s lists (right?), the idea of mounting a T.V in your bathroom seems — well, a little gluttonous. It feels over the top but what if it wasn’t visible unless you’re watching it? Well, then Yippie Ki-Yay!

Although we fostered a bit of hesitation against televisions in the bathroom, we can see the upside to them. Now we’re not ones to crack some bubbly and watch a little Sex in the City while soaking our nails, but we could be into watching a bit of Jimmy Fallon from the night before, or even the morning news and weather while we brush our teeth.

Obviously we don’t NEED a television in the bathroom, but why not when they hide seamlessly within these mirrors? When the LCD screen is off, the mirror appears to be a normal, average, run of the mill mirror. Until it turns on and then it’s your children’s new favorite place to watch Blue’s Clues — wonder if it would help with potty training?

The 4 bathrooms above have all been installed in residences with these same television/mirror combos from Seura. We love that they’ve combined the two in order to keep aesthetics up and the drama down (unless of course your watching Law and Order too loudly). You can read more about their work at Seura.

(Images: Seura)