Entertain Your Cats With This Battery-Powered Fish Toy

published Feb 9, 2020
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Credit: Amazon

Battery-powered flopping fish dolls had a moment in the early 2000s, when, inexplicably, everyone seemed to have a Big Mouth Billy Bass. Twenty years later, they’re back. Well, kind of. This time, they’re plush and marketed as cat toys, which makes a lot more sense.

If your cat would love fishing in a koi pond but you live in an apartment and don’t want to encourage your cat’s carnivorous nature, you can buy a washable cotton fish on Amazon. Each fish comes with a bell and packet of catnip, which you can stick in the fish’s Velcro belly pocket.

According to ODOLOI, the brand behind the fish, 3D printing technology contributes to their lifelike appearance. A battery pack with motion activation makes the fish flop around to the delight or disturbance of your cat. One Amazon reviewer points out that, once you turn on the fish, you have to poke it to activate its movement.

“My kitties are 9 & 11 pounds and the fish is big enough for them to wrap their arms around & wrestle with it,” says the same reviewer. “They seem to enjoy it so far!”

“The movement is erratic and impossible to predict. That keeps my cats guessing, and keeps them entertained,” writes another. “If they walk away, it stops moving until it is moved or pounced on again. it then goes back to its randomized pattern of movement. This really works to keep them interested in it. It’s not just stationary, its not just someone moving it. It seems truly alive, and that rules. I would buy it again, and for friends for sure.”

Credit: Amazon

The fish comes in three styles, each priced at $21.95. The product photos promise your cat will look adorable playing with it.