Battle of the Weekend Projects: And the Winner Is...

Battle of the Weekend Projects: And the Winner Is...

Colleen Quinn
Jun 1, 2010

Thanks to everyone for your input on which project to tackle this past weekend- we did indeed agree with the majority and tackle painting the bedroom. We gave some vague thought to attempting both projects, but the painting took on a life of its own and then expanded to a couple of other projects in the bedroom, so the kitchen remains on the to-do list. For those folks who offered advice on dealing with a vintage kitchen, the current countertop is laminate over plywood and was installed one day in the 1980s because the management company decided to "update" the kitchen- vintage apparently isn't their thing!

The Before picture above shows the room in 2007 just after we finished putting color on the walls for the first time but before we hung up any of the art. Mom always thought the green was a bit too vibrant, but never wanted to repaint. Since the water damage meant we had to repaint anyway, I decided to give her the lighter green of her dreams this time around. Of course, home improvement projects never really go quite as planned- one look at the lighter wall, and Mom realized she really loved her vibrant green.

Thankfully, we still had a quart of the darker color which was just enough to cover that whole wall. We then decided to experiment a bit, and painted the soffits in the room white to lighten up the dark corners. Mom loves how the green looks bordered by the white, and I love that we didn't have to paint the entire room.

With time left over we decided to break out the big guns and install a ceiling medallion and new light in the bedroom. The original fixtures in the apartment were fabulous, but the bedroom light began to give some trouble a couple of years ago and was replaced with a very ugly fixture that Mom was happy to trade for the new medallion and hanging light pictured above. Though the odd configuration of the box in our ceiling made the installation a bit of a puzzle, the end result was more than worth the effort. Best of all, I have a happy Mom all set to host family from Ireland next weekend.

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