Be Materialistic! How to Make Your Tech Last

Be Materialistic! How to Make Your Tech Last

Mike Tyson
May 9, 2011

Blogger James Shelley was recently reflecting on the difference between being consumeristic or materialistic. "We tend to think that consumerism is about doggedly clinging to our wealth, trinkets and toys. In actuality, however, the opposite is true: consumerism occurs as the result of not loving our stuff at all. We have so little attachment to our material goods that we dispose and replace them with ever increasing regularity. Consumerism, in this light, is the rampant disrespect of one's physical property." He comes to the conclusion that being materialistic can actually be a good trait where we appreciate what we have and care for it, rather than quickly moving on to the newest thing. Here are some ways to help you become more materialistic with your tech.

If you keep your tech around long enough it gets dirty over time. And although it isn't always as easy as cleaning a dish, it is important not to neglect your expensive technology. We have help for your appliances , camera lenses , keyboards , bathrooms , and even task chair casters. For those gadgets that are being handled often, disinfecting them could be a good idea.

When you plan on keeping tech around for a while, it will be good to know whether or not that expensive upfront warranty will be worth the cost .

It is going to be important to keep your tech in tip-top shape if you plan on keeping it around for a while. First, you should know whether broken tech is worth fixing or if you should shell out the cash for a new one. This post will help you decide whether you should toss that old appliance or not. If want to repair your tech on your own it would be beneficial to check up on some resources as well as how to save money in the process. Sadly, not everything can be saved but we can help you there, too.

So take care of your tech and learn to love it! Sometimes the most rewarding purchases are the ones we keep around the longest, even if they're not the latest and greatest performance-wise. For after they've long out-lasted their usefulness, they can still be kept around for their sheer beauty or the memories they hold.

(Images: Flickr user Ben Dodson, and Jack Cheng under license from Creative Commons.)

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