Be the Most Considerate Houseguest Ever with These Apps

Be the Most Considerate Houseguest Ever with These Apps

Taryn Williford
Sep 8, 2011

Your high school buddy is nice enough to let you crash on his couch during your trip to the West Coast next month, and the least you could do in return is be a mindful guest. Everybody's got an opinion on what you should do to make your stay more accommodating for your host, but nobody tells you exactly how to do it—until now. We've paired up five nuggets of house guest tips from around the web with 5 of our favorite multi-platform apps that will help you actually put the advice into use.

Want to be the best houseguest ever? Yeah, you probably do. It's the best way to increase your chances of getting invited back, right?

Don't panic. Being a polite guest is as easy as 1, 2, 3—with these five app suggestions.

Tip: Be specific about dates of arrival and departure.
App: Doodle
Platforms: iPhone, Android & the web
What it does: Doodle lets you schedule an event, and invite participants to confirm the time and place. It's a great spot to keep your generous hosts up-to-date on your flight times, especially because Doodle can sync with each persons' calendar of choice, such as Google Calendar or Outlook.

Tip: Don't sleep in and make your host family tiptoe around you. Be considerate.
App: Any alarm app.
Platforms: iPhone, Android & the web
What it does: Wakes your butt up each morning so you can be a lively houseguest and considerate of your hosts.

Tip: Don't presume that you can rely on your hosts' generosity to drive you to places or to show you around.
App: Lonely Planet & AroundMe
Platforms: iPhone (Lonely Planet, AroundMe) & Android (AroundMe)
What it does: Lonely Planet's iPhone guides offer up scenic tours of major city destinations—it's almost as good as having a local show you around. If you need to find specific spots nearby, like a coffee shop or gas station, AroundMe uses your phone's GPS to tell you what's local.

Tip: If your host opens up their pantry and kitchen to you during your stay, a good idea is to pick up some more to replace what you ate. As for longer stays of more than a couple of days, assisting with the grocery bill is crucial!
App: Grocery IQ
Platforms: iPhone, Android & the web
What it does: If you finish off the last of your hosts' shampoo or cereal, scan the barcode with this app and add it to your digital grocery list to make sure you pick up just the right replacement.

Tip: Leave a thank you gift on your departure. The value of the gift should be relative to the length of your stay.
App: Splitwise
Platforms: the web
What it does: For longer stays, this online calculator considers your hosts' rent and living situation to determine the proper value of your couch crashing. Use it as a guideline for leaving behind cash or a thoughtful and appropriate gift.

(Images: Flickr member We Are CS licensed for use under Creative Commons, Grocery IQ)

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