Beaba Babypote

Beaba Babypote

Carrie McBride
Aug 1, 2011

Name: Babypote
Price: $15
Rating: Strong Recommend

When I first wrote about the Babypote (which I dubbed the "fruit flask") I noted that my husband and I had already invented this product in our heads. Our son had discovered the disposable squeezable fruit blends for babies and kids that seemed to pop up overnight in every market, grocery store and bodega in our neighborhood. He calls them "squeezy applesauce" no matter what flavor they are and I was glad to buy them for him as a snack instead of a cookie. But not only were they expensive (anywhere from $1.50 - 2.50 in my hood), I really didn't like adding this waste to a landfill. "I wish someone would make a reusable one of these," we mused aloud on our walks. And lo and behold, Beaba did.

I thought the Babypote looked super clever for two reasons: it reduced disposable waste and could save me a lot of money. If it performed well, that is. To find out I put my little sidekick to work as a tester. Although my son just turned three, the Babypote is also (perhaps even primarily) geared toward infants and young toddlers and designed to hold what Beaba calls "fruit compotes", aka purées, that you, presumably, make homemade. My son preferred to use it for applesauce (not homemade in my case) and thin yogurts. I think pudding and smoothies would also work well. You could even use it to store dry snacks like Goldfish crackers if you were on the go.

There are four parts to the Babypote: the body, the spout, the cap and the thingy that connects the body to the spout* (*not the official name). The body of the Babypote is silicone and is very soft and pliable while the other parts are hard plastic. All parts are BPA-free and can be put in the dishwasher. I don't have a dishwasher so I couldn't test this, however cleaning the Babypote was very easy with a bottle brush.

For infants and young toddlers the big benefit of the Babypote is the potential to reduce the mess of eating purees and soft foods. Using a spoon is a necessary skill to learn and the mess along the way is par for the course. But, if your child is not in their high chair (or even if they are), the Babypote would cut down on the mess considerably. That said, if squeezed too vigorously or if squeezed when it's not in the child's mouth, you will have some spillage.

The wide mouth is not only good for cleaning, but it allows you to easily pour in your applesauce or purée.

The best virtue of the Babypote, in my view, is its portability. We took ours to many parks and playgrounds, used it in the car and in the stroller. I frequently packed it with my son's lunch to bring to daycare and it never leaked. It really expands the type of snack (or meal, for an infant) that you can give your child outside the home.

When the Babypote was first released, the list price was $20 but it is now only $15 from U.S. distributor Scandinavian Child and in the few months we've had it, it has saved us much more than it cost as compared to purchasing disposables.

This is a useful product if: you already find yourself buying disposable fruit purées and want to be more eco-friendly and/or save money; your kids are often on the go and want to bring this type of snack with them; you primarily feed your baby homemade purées and want more portability and/or less mess.

• eco-friendly alternative to disposables
• money saving as compared to disposables
• easy to clean
• holds a lot
• ultra-portable

• potentially messy if squeezed vigorously
• may take time for an infant to learn how to use
• the cap is detachable which means if you lose it, you also lose the portability factor
• I'm not a fan of this green/purple/orange color combo. There is a better hot pink/purple combo available in Europe and I hope they diversify the color range in the U.S
• it is difficult, even for an older child, to get the last half ounce or so out so there may be some food waste

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