Pale Green-Blue: Beach Glass & Duck Eggs

My love of bright orange-red is balanced by an equal love of palest green-blue. It seems to suit San Francisco’s particular light, filtered by fog and reflected off the surrounding water.

Ideally, someday I’ll live in a swimming pool tiled in beach glass, or at least a cottage on the sea, but these pieces are perfect for adding a bit of watery calm to an apartment.

  • The recycled TransGlass carafae-&-a-glass by Tord Boontje/Artecnica is one of the most perfect items I own, the dreamy Japanese mug and creamer are from Rare Device, and the other items are vintage. The larger bowl is made by a company called “Ballerina Mist”, which will be the name of my perfume if I ever get to design one.
  • The fact that the detail color on this walnut dresser by Double Butter is called “Blue Steel” is just a bonus.
  • Nigella Lawson always has the perfect turn-of-a-phrase and kitchen accessory to make cooking fantastic.
  • I would never, ever have thought of painting a floor pale sea-glass blue, but it’s such a good idea. Imagine how nicely it would reflect light on a foggy day.
  • These bedlinens, from the always irresistible Toast, are the next best thing to sleeping in the sea. Sure to cause dreams of mermaids & phosphorescence, they would be on their way to me if not for the fact that the duvet alone costs £165, which comes to…oh no, $262, plus international shipping. But they’ll probably last forever.