Beach Snuggie Has You Covered

Beach Snuggie Has You Covered

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 17, 2010

Last week we mentioned a few supersized artist beach towels that we'd like to get our hands on and just to be fair to those who aren't willing to spend $95 on a towel — how about a Beach Snuggie? Although those words in combination sound more like an action as opposed to a noun, the Beach Snuggie will keep you dry, sand free and looking like a monk all summer long.

Now we have to admit, we don't own an original Snuggie or a Slanket (which we think is a far cooler made up word) so we can't officially harp on a product that we haven't tried. Although we like our towels large and surrounding when we hit the lake or pools this summer (alas, there's no ocean in sight for us), this seems to be taking things to the extreme.

We can see their merit for children that always seem to be dropping their towels into pools of water and end up riding home in your car a little more than moist, but kicking back in a beach chair while sporting one, well that's just silly. It has however received rave reviews from surfers who's beaches are a little windy and chilly once emerging from the water, check out the video here.

The good news is that they're apparently half off now and come in pink and blue, perfect for those who like to discern their gender in the most obvious of ways. We found these over at our local Bed Bath and Beyond (though really we were there for the these new cleaning tools from Bissel) in case you're dying for one or there's a gag gift in your future. If you don't have one in the area, there's plenty of places waiting to sell you one online for around the same price point.

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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