Beacon Beacons and Artists Come

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Greener grass or bad ass?It is the moment that we all hope will never come….when we finally and truly realize that we have to move out of the city – and by city, we mean all 5 boroughs – because it is just too damn expensive and life elsewhere is better. Can it be true? Is there life outside of Manhattan’s fierce grip? The answer is probably “yes” as Moving Out, Seeking the Next SoHo (NYTimes) attests. Well written it captures a number of people in those moments when their gravitational field shifted:

“We had no choice; we couldn’t afford to rent and have studio space,” Ms. Moritsugu said. “We wanted to get out before we were pushed out and desperate.”

Two weeks after a motorcycle trip up to Beacon with a friend, and a quick search of the available properties for sale, the couple found themselves in a diner with a real estate agent and a $7,000 check.

That night, it finally sank in. “I woke up in a cold sweat,” Ms. Moritsugu said. “I thought we were crazy.” They were about to become the proud owners of a $150,000 ranch house built in the 1960’s.

While artists are the harbingers of boom and then doom for any community, there is hope for the rest of us. MGR