Beat the Winter Chill — and Your Office AC — With This Heated Mousepad

published Nov 17, 2019
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When you’re cold at your desk, you can wear warm clothes, wrap yourself in a blanket, and cover your head and feet in your warmest hat and socks. But that still leaves your hands, which still have to work. How do you keep the warm? Maybe with a heated mousepad.

Better Homes & Gardens featured this heated mousepad, which costs about $22 on Amazon. It works with a USB charger to make a warm, fleece-lined cave for your mouse hand. The heating element itself is removable, so you can choose to just use the fleece mousepad shell, which is basically a mitten in itself. It has a hole at the top, through which you can thread a mouse cord if you’re not using a wireless mouse.

The heated mousepad comes in seven colors, including hot pink, soft purple, and neutral shades. 

Based on reviews, it appears this mousepad could be particularly helpful for those with Raynaud’s Syndrome, a blood vessel disorder that causes fingers and toes to turn blue in the cold. “I am right handed, and my right index finger is very inclined to turn blue (we call it smurfing) if the office is cold,” wrote one reviewer. “Because I enter data into a computer all day, my right hand tends to lose heat from the mouse. This pad totally counters this, and so far my hand has stayed very comfortable … Where was this for the last 10 years??? Wish I had known about this sooner.”

Credit: Amazon

If you want something even more adorable, there’s a paw version from another seller that appears to work exactly the same way, only it’ll make you feel like you’re holding hands with a friendly bear or giant cat.

It comes in five colors, including pink and more natural fur-inspired shades. Both models include wrist rests.

Stay warm out in there.