11 Bedrooms Turned Into the Dreamiest of Dream Closets

published Sep 30, 2016
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(Image credit: This is Glamorous)

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a giant closet. Maybe something about seeing shoes and clothes hung up and laid out, neatly, in a space where they have room to breathe, is deeply soothing to you. Most closets are cramped, unpleasant, windowless affairs, so it’s no surprise that those who have the space to spare have often chosen to turn an under-utilized room in their home into a walk-in closet—or as I like to call it, a boudoir, a private space to retreat, to be surrounded by lovely things, and to prepare oneself to go out into the world.

Traditionally, a boudoir was a woman’s private sitting room or dressing room, leading to its current mildly scandalous association. A spare room outfitted as a closet can also serve other purposes—as a library, or study, or just a place to retreat from the cares of the world.

Above: This space from This is Glamorous is the stuff fancy closet dreams are made of.

(Image credit: House & Home)

A fresh, neatly organized closet space from House & Home.

(Image credit: Nuevo Estilo)

The soft blush colors in this dressing room from Nuevo Estilo feel so subtle and yet so luxurious.

(Image credit: Brooklyn Blonde)

A spacious, brightly lit closet from Brooklyn Blonde.

(Image credit: Waiting for Saturday)

Katelyn turned one bedroom of her Brooklyn apartment into a closet, as seen on Waiting for Saturday.

(Image credit: Glamour)

A neatly organized boudoir from Glamour.

(Image credit: Harper’s Bazaar)

This closet, from Harper’s Bazaar, looks cozy and like a spot I would actually love to hang out in.

(Image credit: Jillian Harris)

A spacious closet by designer Jillian Harris.

12 of the World’s Dreamiest Closets

(Image credit: Alice Lane)

A generously sized closet from Alice Lane.

(Image credit: Quentin & Co.)
(Image credit: Quentin & Co.)

A bedroom-turned-closet space from Quentin & Co.

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