Beautiful DIY Speakers Built For a Friend

Beautiful DIY Speakers Built For a Friend

Gregory Han
May 23, 2013

Just 19 years old, sirbyrd set out to build his friend a pair of desktop speakers of his own design using solid walnut and scrap plywood, creating a handsome cabinet design more distinct than anything you'd see at your local home electronics retailer...

sirbyrd: I'm 19 and have been working with speakers in Seattle since I was 14. This is the first project I've built entirely of my own design (yes, there are other designs that use the same driver, but none that use it the same way). This project was an exercise to see how cheaply I could make the speaker, not just in materials (because I could make it with cheaper materials, but at the expense of labor) but also labor of assembly and finishing. The design was meant as a desktop speaker, and with the wide baffle and close placement to the back wall, most people will simply not need anything more. You don't need a subwoofer or a tweeter when they are optimally set up.

Here's sirbyrd's friend, the benefactor of all his hard work, bookended by both of his new bookshelf speakers, alongside another pair of floor standing speakers they built together. 

Designed using Sketchup (one of our recommended resources for building desks), each handcrafted speaker comes stamped with a model number, serial number, and initialed by its designer; sirbyrd plans to sell speakers to interested parties, so if these catch your eye, direct yourself first over to his DIY speaker gallery, then his Reddit discussion thread for more information about how to order your own pair (or perhaps, build your own!).

(Images: sirbyrd)

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