Beautiful Handmade Porcelain Pottery from Daniel Bellow

Beautiful Handmade Porcelain Pottery from Daniel Bellow

Landis Carey
Feb 7, 2011

"Made by hand on the potter's wheel, one piece at a time, in a 19th century carriage barn in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, Daniel Bellow Porcelain offers a full line of fine dinnerware." Bellow's ware is "non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave-safe, and with proper care should last for hundreds of years." The work is lovely in person: each piece is uniquely altered, successfully lessening its visual weight while keeping it solid and sturdy.

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Daniel Bellow at the New York International Gift Fair. Upon meeting Bellow and learning Anthropologie will carry his work beginning this fall, I asked the obvious question: How are you able to keep up with the orders...did the influx of demand change your process?

What I learned: he works fast and efficiently and always has, so there wasn't any need to adapt. With one or two pulls, a tumbler is born, and add a third and fourth and he's thrown a serving dish. Bellow's skill and mastery shine throughout his collection.

Bellow's own lead-free glazes color his porcelain pieces, giving each a sophisticated shine with just enough coloration to enhance the form's beauty, not distract from it. Reasonably priced and design as heirloom-quality, Daniel Bellow Porcelain may very well be collected by future generations.

Daniel Bellow Porcelain, images above, details below.

  1. Tea Bowl, $39: Based on the Japanese tea bowl, it's great for a steaming cup of chai or hot chocolate on a cold winter day. In summer, it holds three scoops of ice cream.
  2. Babies, $15: Gosh darn it, they're so adorable. Little cups that hold two shots of whiskey, a hardboiled egg, a handful of violets from the garden. The classic square mug shape in miniature 2-3 inches high.
  3. Square Cereal Bowl, $39: About 6" wide, it has a deep curve with a narrow foot that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Perfect for your Weetabix or rice and beans.
  4. Wine Cup, $25: Stemware is nice, but I like to drink wine out of a little cup like this. It looks especially good in candlelight. Serve juice to small children, espresso to adults. A little over 3 inches, holds 6-8 ounces.
  5. Mashed Potato Bowl, $135: Thirteen inches across, about about 5 inches at the rim. Big enough to hold heaping helpings, but not a space hog on the table.

(Images: Daniel Bellow)

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