Double Duty Advice: Try These Classic Beauty Tips on Your Home

Double Duty Advice: Try These Classic Beauty Tips on Your Home

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 1, 2015
(Image credit: Shuttestock)

Open any women's site or magazine and you can read all about the tips and tricks that will make your face more beautiful. Guess what? Those ideas aren't merely for makeup, they'll also work in your home. Here's how.


The idea that using lighter and darker shades of makeup to highlight and shade different areas of your face to make it appear more angular is nothing new—designers have been playing with light and shadow forever. Here's the bonus: instead of using makeup to fake the light hitting your face in a flattering way, in your home, you can use real light! Think strategically about where you place your sources of light around the room (hint: there should be at least three!) and make sure you are highlighting something you want to be seen. Also, consider upward facing or inset lights to add a flattering glow all over.

Bright lip or bold eye, not both

This is one of the oft-heard beauty rules designed to prevent makeup overkill: when designing a makeup look, you should choose to accentuate either the lips or the eyes and keep it subtle elsewhere on your face. Also true for your home! Choose a feature of your room that you love and really play it up. Let everything else be in the background while the star of your show shines. Love your huge, floor-t0-ceiling windows? Play them up with some dramatic drapes. Or leave your walls artless but paint them a gorgeous color to show off your beautiful molding.

Line and define

Why do we line our eyes or rouge our cheeks? It's all about adding emphasis and structure to our faces. You should think about that concept in your home as well. There are certain attractive elements every room has: windows, textiles, interesting architectural details. These are all opportunities to add definition to your room so be strategic in your design and get what you love to really stand out.

Drugstore dupes

Magazines constantly tell us: you can spend a lot or a little and still get gorgeous. So true! You can and should get a look you love at any price. The key is to define your goals for your room and make sure each piece your purchase fits into that vision. And just like like beauty brands, designers often have several different-priced lines within their companies so you can get the vibe you want at a price that works within your budget.

In the end, a well-styled, beautiful look works anywhere (and on any surface). Our homes are feeling prettier already.

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