Beck Marks The Spot For Secret Storage

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When this medicine chest is recessed into a wall, the only thing you see is a framed picture of Beck. At our local ReStore we find chests like this for just a few dollars and think it would be a great way to add a little more storage in any room in your home!

You could put this idea to use anywhere in the home and there’s a good chance renters might be in the clear as well. Check with your landlord first, but if you agree to leave the frame and the unit in the wall when you leave, other tenants will be able to use it after you.

A series of three in a row would make a great spice cabinet in your kitchen, one next to your bed would be a great place to put your glasses before you turn off the light, or even keep unmentionable items away from plain view from your guests. It’s a great repurposing project — even if yours doesn’t have Beck’s face on it!

Where would you put it to use and what would it hold?

(Image: Flickr member JonnyXandtheGroadies, licensed for use by Creative Commons)