Become Your Own Apartment Therapist: The Curriculum

Become Your Own Apartment Therapist: The Curriculum

Taryn Williford
Aug 13, 2015
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The study of Apartment Therapy is different than interior design. Becoming your own Apartment Therapist is about making your home beautiful, sure. But it's also about creating a happy home, one that works well for you and your family and will continue to work well for years to come.

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Our all-new book, Complete + Happy Home, was created to help you with all of the varied aspects of building a home you love. If you think your home needs a bit of therapy, why not handle it like flat-pack furniture and do it yourself?

After ordering and reading the book, we know you'll have the smarts and know-how to officially call yourself an Apartment Therapist (and we'll send you a limited edition Apartment Therapy tote bag to prove it!).

Complete + Happy Home is the official textbook to becoming your own Apartment Therapist. Here's a hint of whats on the curriculum – all of the great reading, lessons and photos that you'll find only in the book:

101: Setting Up Your Home

In this section, readers learn the basics of setting up a home. Whether you're a novice decorator, or someone who's been doing this for a while, you'll appreciate having this reference for the basics on everything from flooring to color choice to light bulbs.


  • The Home Hunt
  • Getting the Right Flow
  • Discovering Your Style DNA
  • Taking the Color Splash
  • Walls, Floors, Windows, Lighting & more

Suggested Reading:

  • Guide to Common House Styles
  • Countdown to a Stress-Free Moving Day
  • The Good Flow Guide
  • Your Need to Know: Let's Talk Frames
  • Outdoor Gardens: What to Consider Before Planting a Thing...

II: Living in Your Home

In this section, readers will learn the secrets of real homes from around the country. We've photographed some of the most beautiful spaces and boiled them down into actionable take-aways for making your home work for you. From super skinny entryways to a shared bedroom for three young boys, you'll learn how real people battle real problems and keep their homes looking beautiful.


  • Entryways
  • Living Spaces
  • Eating Spaces
  • Kitchens
  • Workspaces
  • Bedrooms
  • Kids' Spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor Spaces

Suggested Reading:

  • 8 Ways to Supercharge Your Style
  • 8 Things Not to Worry About
  • 8 Ways to Love Your Home So it Loves You Back
  • 8 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

III: Maintaining Your Home

Truly loving your home means taking care of it, and in this final section, readers will learn the basics of keeping a tidy, well-kept, and organized home. This section can be bookmarked and referenced for many years to come. The Year-Round Happy & Healthy Home Calendar is an especially useful take-away for Apartment Therapists as they continue on their path to having a complete and happy home.


  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Getting Organized

Suggested Reading:

  • The Year-Round Happy & Healthy Home Calendar
  • Cheat Sheet: Goodbye, Stains
  • The Room-by-Room Guide to an Organized Home

You see there's tons of great learning to be had, so why not pre-order the book right now and get started on your Apartment Therapy education?

(Image credit: Taryn Williford)
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