We Just Discovered a Hidden Section for Vintage & One-of-a-Kind Rugs—And It’s Not Where You’d Expect

published Sep 17, 2019
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Vintage rugs are everywhere, if you know where to look. Aside from vintage stores and consignment shops, there are plenty of places to browse online. You probably know about Etsy and some of the other more popular online retailers that specialize in sourcing authentic vintage rugs, but there are a few other surprising places you might not know about. We’ve already covered Urban Outfitters’ secret vintage rug section, but we just discovered that another well-known retailer has its own hidden vintage rug collection: Bed Bath & Beyond.

That’s right—Bed Bath & Beyond, the go-to source for 20 percent off coupons and every home good imaginable, has its own curated selection of one-of-a-kind rugs. There aren’t a whole lot of options, and the offerings change frequently (because, you know, one-of-a-kind), but what is there is really, really good. The best part is the ease of purchasing, which can definitely be a pain at smaller shops. Every order over $39 at BB&B ships free, and member discounts can be applied to your purchase as well—a huge perk considering how expensive vintage rugs tend to be. We rounded up our favorites currently on the site, but don’t forget to check back and see what’s added as products are sold.

Feizy Rugs Hamedan Area Rug – 4’6″x6’7″

This gorgeously colored area rug is made of 100% wool using traditional weaving techniques. The more contemporary colors make it really stand out, and it’ll easily become the centerpiece of whatever room it’s in. Pair it with light-colored furniture to let it shine.

Buy: Feizy Rugs Hamedan Area Rug – 4’6″x6’7″, $549.99

Feizy Rugs Zanjan Area Rug – 3’2″x6’7″

If you’re in the market for a new runner, check out this totally unique option. Full of different shades of red, this vintage runner makes a distinctive choice for a kitchen or hallway (especially if the walls/cabinets are white).

Buy: Feizy Rugs Zanjan Area Rug – 3’2″x6’7″, $399.99

Feizy Rugs Mousel Area Rug – 3’4″x5′

If you love an authentic, vintage look, check out this rug. With a pattern of traditional motifs and muted colors, this rug adds eye-catching detail to any room—and the compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces. Pair it with a desk to create a serene home office, or layer it over a larger rug for extra texture.

Buy: Feizy Rugs Mousel Area Rug – 3’4″x5′, $199.99

Pasargad Home Oushak Runner – 2’11″x11’7″

For a more muted runner option, you can’t go wrong with this ornate find. Faded with intricate motifs, it’s a more traditional option compared to the more eclectic, vibrant rugs on this list, but it’s definitely a classic that you’ll never grow tired of. If you have a darker kitchen or entryway, this runner will brighten your space up in no time.

Buy: Pasargad Home Oushak Runner – 2’11″x11’7″, $999.99

Feizy Rugs Hamedan Area Rug – 3’9″x5’2″

This dramatic, vibrant-colored rug is an ideal statement piece. Full of bold, deep colors and intricate motifs, it’s definitely something different from what your friends have. Style it with decor in earth tones for a boho vibe, or pair it with dark velvet furniture for a totally eclectic look.

Buy: Feizy Rugs Hamedan Area Rug – 3’9″x5’2″, $229.99