There’s One Essential Your Bed Needs Before It’s Winter-Ready

published Sep 15, 2020
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Credit: Viv Yapp

Nights are getting colder, fall is almost here—and it’s time to get your bed ready for cozy season with extra-warm bedding! The best way to prepare your bed for cooler nights without switching out sheets or your comforter is a bed blanket, AKA a blanket that you can put between your top sheet and comforter or just layer on top for added warmth. What’s nice about these blankets is that they’re thick enough to give you that extra bit of cozy you crave during cold weather but not so thick you’ll wake up in a sweat every night. That means many can be used year-round, which is great for your budget. While style isn’t the most important factor for bed blankets, many come in pretty colors and textures that you’ll be eager to keep out all year long. Below, we rounded up some of our favorite bed blankets to help you get your snuggle on pronto. 

Note: All prices listed are for size Full/Queen.

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The Company Store

This blanket has a hefty price tag, but it’s totally worth it. Made of 100 percent naturally insulating lambswool, it has tiny pockets that trap air while wicking away moisture, keeping you warm all night long but never sweaty. The material is so effective you can use the blanket year-round (even in summer!), and the simple design means you'll actually want to keep it on display. Add to that the luxurious softness, and, well, good luck ever not wanting to swaddle yourself in this blanket.

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L.L. Bean

If you like L.L. Bean’s Wicked Cozy Blanket made of ridiculously soft fleece, you’ll love the brand's lighter take on the blanket, made to be enjoyed in every season. It’s made of the same double-brushed, 100 percent polyester fleece used to make the original Wicked Cozy, so it’s still ridiculously soft. As the name implies, it has a much lighter weight, which makes it an ideal extra layer in cooler months. When temps start to climb, use it as its own layer for year-round coziness.

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Looking for a simple bed blanket that won’t cost you too much? The cult-favorite Vellux Blanket is it. Made of lightweight nylon, it adds enough warmth and softness to keep you cozy in the fall and cool in summer. If you get cold easily, you may find you need a second layer when winter hits, but for the fall season, this blanket does the trick—and thanks to those frequent Macy's deals, you can pretty much always get it for less.

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Boll & Branch
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If you’ve ever been to a spa or tried out a waffle weave towel, you know how luxurious yet lightweight it feels. Waffle weave linens are identified by soft, springy pockets that are soft yet breathable, and you’ll feel like you're wrapped in a cloud under this 100 percent organic cotton blanket. It'll keep you cozy under your duvet, but it’s also perfect on its own in the spring or summer.

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Pottery Barn

SleepSmart bedding uses a high-tech material called 37.5, named so because it responds to humidity levels to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius. When temperatures are colder, the material’s active minerals work to trap heat; when humidity rises, the material releases excess heat. When you add this blanket to your bed, you get an extra layer of warmth and some high-tech help getting a better night’s rest.

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You can almost feel how soft this blanket is just looking at it, but don’t let that luxuriously cozy look fool you into thinking you’ll be a sweaty mess 30 minutes into the night. Made of all-natural Egyptian cotton, it's light and breathable, hence its “all seasons” name. Just take it from the reviewers: “It is perfect for all seasons in the South!” said one reviewer. “I live in Florida and it is a perfect weight and feel,” said another. If it’s good even in the hot South, it’s good anywhere!

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Bed Bath & Beyond

If you came for the fluff, here it is. This blanket has no interest in being used year-round; it’s designed for winter, baby, and boy does it deliver. It has an extra-high pile that makes it sooooo plush and fluffy, and is thick enough to give you tons of warmth. Throw on the plaid jammies, lay this blanket over your comforter, and get ready to get toasty.

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The Company Store

Like options? Then this is the best choice for you. This 100 percent ring-spun cotton blanket comes in every color of the rainbow and then some (20 colors in total!). Its light weight and textured weave give you even more options: Use it as your main layer in summer, make it an extra layer in fall and winter, or keep it out year-round as a stylish accent. No matter how you use it, you’ll love the bright colors and the extra-soft feel.