Bedbugs: Our Ultimate Roundup

Bedbugs: Our Ultimate Roundup

Maxwell Ryan
May 27, 2009

With spring cleaning month, it's that time again - time to touch base with those of you out there who have been infested or are being infested by bed bugs. We've had a good deal of experience here on Apartment Therapy (last summer our mother got them in her house after staying in a hotel for one night), and today inspired by Rachael on DC, we're rounding up all of our wisdom.


• they do not transmit disease to people or pets (though their bits are very annoying and itchy)
• bed bugs are tiny and good at hiding so the first sign is usually patterns of bites in a row or a cluster on your body
• bed bugs feed on blood at night, prime feeding time is between 2 am and 5 am
• bites consist of a raised red bump or flat welt, and usually accompanied by intense itching (click here for photos of bites)

• despite their name, bed bugs can live in floor boards and other places in your home, not just the mattress. places include: bed frames, nearby furniture, carpeting, baseboards, inner walls, tiny wood holes, or bedroom clutter.

• bed bugs tend to they tend to stay out of the light

Check out the Washington City Paper article Good Night, Sleep Tight: The District is just now waking up to a bunch of little problems under the sheets for more helpful information and 67 Comments.


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