Bedbugs Take Manhattan #5

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #5

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 19, 2007

Amanda didn't sleep at home last night. The exterminator finally arrived (scheduled for noon, came at 5pm) and the work began in earnest. Before he arrived, however, she got a chance to visit her neighbor's apartment, the one that shares a sheet rock wall with her:

"Yesterday evening the landlord and I got into my neighbor's apartment [he's away]. There were bug carcasses and cobwebs everywhere. The landlord caught six of them in five minutes in daylight! it was like infestation like you see in the photos online. Clearly this is where my bedbugs have been coming from..."

"But we couldn't do anything to his apartment because he needs to come and bag up all his stuff. He's not back for two weeks.

My neighbor, a single guy (cute, too!), has been away for a week and I don't understand how he's lived there and not gotten eaten alive. His brother was visiting recently, too. I mean, they both must have welts. It's disgusting.

Anyway, the exterminator came, and I love him [Metro Pest Control @ $400 (800.834.8199)] . First of all, they must do a lot of bedbug jobs because they sent me a really good checklist of all the things I had to do prior to his arrival. They really seem to know what they are doing. I asked him about bombing, and he said it really doesn't work, and that you need to spray the room and drill holes in the walls which he filled with a foam chemical. He also said that I should caulk the floors. He's coming back in three weeks to spray again, and I can't open my bags until after that.

As for the spraying, it's like the apartment's on fire. They pull out a hose and spray down the interior and ceiling of your apartment. It's a liquid that dries as a dust. You don't vacuum this stuff up. You live in it, and it's supposed to not be harmful.

I didn't stay there last night. It was too scary. I'm going back tonight though.

And I got these mattress covers which make sure the that anything in your mattress that's alive can't get out.

They recommend that you don't buy a new mattress.

The landlord said that he'd split the cost with me and i almost killed him. I couldn't believe it. I was so angry and thought I was going to snap. I mean, he's responsible for any infestation in his building. On it says this, that your landlord is responsible. He said he would ask his legal advisor and get back to me. "

Amanda wants to know: Is the landlord really liable for paying for this and has anyone done this before?


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