Bedbugs Take Manhattan #6

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #6

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 21, 2007

Bedbugs at rest. The immediate drama settled down yesterday as Amanda returned home for the night and slept through undisturbed on her new vinyl mattress cover. Although her home is spartan and empty of all of her clothing and textiles (to be returned in 3 weeks), and her dog cannot return yet (due to the spraying), she reports no return of bedbugs and she is very happy with the pest folks at Metro Pest Control (800.834.8199). She sent along their checklist for our perusal (see bottom). This is a totally pain in the ass list...

Amanda has also presented her landlord with information from Bedbugger and this site in order to press for compensation for the money she spent on Metro. The landlord is "talking it over with his lawyer," but he also asked her to arrange for Metro to come and treat the neighbors apartment, even though the neighbor is away (he seems to be worried. Metro said that there had to have been bedbugs in there for at least two months). However, Amanda has told him that it cannot be done until her neighbor returns and bags up all his clothing and textiles. A truce seems to have formed, or at least a standstill, for now.

As we wait for the drama to continue (there's GOT to be more), we also wanted to pass along this excellent article from the times two years ago which our mother gave us over the weekend: Everything You Need to Know About Bedbugs But Were Afraid to Ask.

(Pic: NYTimes)


1. Remove all bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows) and place in plastic bags (seal them tightly). Wash all bedding in hot water. After washing, place all clean bedding in new plastic bags (seal them tightly). Discard old plastic bags outside for garbage removal, do not re-use. Wash or replace pillows.

2. Remove all items from beneath the bed.

3. Vacuum bed frames, box springs and mattresses (pay special attention to the edges, buttons and tufts). Also vacuum the floors, rugs and around baseboards. All shoes must be vacuumed as well. Place vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and discard outside for garbage removal.

4. Empty all closets, dressers, bookshelves, wall units, hutches, breakfronts, etc. throughout the residence, including platform bed drawers (if any). All items that have been removed from these areas should be inspected, cleaned and put into plastic bags and sealed tightly. All of the above mentioned areas must be vacuumed once they have been emptied to help eliminate any live bedbugs or eggs that may be present. Also remove all framed pictures and decorative items from walls and vacuum. Place vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and discard outside for garbage removal.

5. Wash all clothes prior to treatment. After washing, place clean clothes in new plastic bags (seal them tightly). Discard old plastic bags outside for garbage removal, do not re-use.

6. You must keep all areas such as closets, dressers, bookshelves, wall units; hutches, breakfronts, etc. empty in preparation for the follow-up treatment. It is the customers' responsibility to call for the follow-up service approximately 3 weeks after the original treatment.

7. Pregnant women must consult their physician regarding this treatment and submit written authorization before service can be provided.

8. Toddlers under the age of 1 year old must be out of the apartment for a minimum of 24 hours. Anyone with an asthmatic condition must stay out of the apartment for a minimum of 48 hours.

9. The apartment must be vacant for a minimum of 4 hours following the treatment or until chemical is completely dry.

10. All pets must be out of the apartment for at least 6 hours. Birds must be out of the apartment for 24 hours. Fish tanks must be covered tight with plastic and the filter must be turned off.

11. After bedbug treatment has been provided, we strongly recommend that vinyl mattress covers be used on all mattresses to avoid contact with the chemicals used in treatment.

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