Bedbugs Take Manhattan #7

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #7

Maxwell Ryan
Jul 31, 2007

Nobody died. Unlike Harry Potter, the end of Amanda's fabulous bedbug story comes without any great drama, and perhaps a little romance.

You may remember that her apartment became infested last month and that she had exterminators in who sprayed her entire home after she bagged every single piece of fabric and clothing. The bedbugs, she discovered, were coming from her neighbor's apartment, who was away on a long business trip. Her own home is now fine again, but her neighbor returned a few weeks ago to face an absolute horror show of bedbugs in his own apartment...

According to Amanda, she ran into him last week in the hall outside both of their apartments (she says he's pretty cute) and she quizzed him as to what he had done.

Apparently, he said he travels a lot for business and stays in many hotels. He figures he picked them up in one of them. However, he never felt them at home and it was only when we was off traveling again that they got out of hand.

It was so bad he had to throw out a good deal of his upholstered furniture, including his bed, after which the exterminators sprayed his space twice. Now, his apartment is empty but free of bugs and he's gradually settling back in. He can't bring back any of his clothes, however, for another week (you have to keep them out for 3 weeks).

Amanda, suddenly feeling sorry for the man who made her life miserable for over a month (due to the bugs), felt sympathetic and offered him a popsicle which she had in her shopping bag. He accepted and we'll have to see if they both turn up in the Time's wedding section any time soon (remember, he's reportedly "cute"). Now THAT would make a great story.

On the other hand, do you think you could ever date a person who you knew gave you bedbugs? Say you moved in together, if they went away on a business trip, would you have to inspect him when he got back?

Meanwhile, in other bedbug news, we recently heard that another friend and her boyfriend lost their apartment in Brooklyn due to bedbugs. Away in Vancouver for the summer, they had sublet to folks for 4 months, but had pulled a rug in off the street just before leaving that let bedbugs out on the subletters.

Freaking out, the subletters fled the apartment and our friends lost the rent and were then liable for the cleanup cost. Needless to say, they are now considering staying in Vancouver for the long haul.

More bedbug news later on this bedbug station.

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